Kangae is Japanese for ideas or thoughts. Kangae.co shares observations, ideas and developed theories in Business Management and Technology covering Web Strategy, Product Management and Social Media.

“I have always kept in the back of my mind the idea of a dream-team made up of people I’ve enjoyed working with over the years. While the desire to make this happen grew stronger, it seemingly became more distant as my list of all-stars took on new opportunities, families and geographies.” Tarquin Clark.

Kangae.co realizes this dream allowing its contributors to work together again without any boundaries. Kangae has a strong focus on ideas and opportunities and provides a vehicle in which to develop community enabling like minded peers to connect and collaborate.

At this time Kangae.co harnesses over 14 years experience developing the strategy for, and the management of medium-to-high traffic global / local sites including mobile and desktop apps. / services. These experiences include:

  • Delivering successful social campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, and their agencies, based on engagement metrics such as votes, shares, comments, posts and follows.
  • Leading the Product Management function for a pioneering online community platform supporting over 2.2m IT professionals including blogs, discussion groups, wiki and iOS/Android applications.
  • Reversing a downward trend in organic referral trafficfor a site generating 3.2 million monthly uniques, 85% of which is referred via organic search. Fostering SEO expertise and best practice within the organization.
  • Optimizing site speed (av. global page loads from 26 seconds to <; 3 seconds). Instilling page speed as a core value within the organization.
  • Increasing conversion rates such as new member acquisition over 120% with multi-variant testing including the use of Adobe Test & Target.
  • Evangelizing a new behavioral targeting solution enabling the pre-qualification of visitors to leads using on a scoring system based on the digital body language of users.
  • Identifying a solution for the country selection pages to address cultural differences and beliefs – this solution has become a standard and is used today by express logistics titans DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT.
  • Migrating over 200 country and global sites onto a central Content Management System (CMS) hosted in 3 regional data centers offering follow-the-sun support, full fail-over, edge network caching and load balancing.
  • Working with a CMS provider to introduce a pioneering Multi-Site-Manager – enabling country sites to inherit global content. This functionality now forms part of Adobe’s Web Experience Management.
  • Rebranding over 250 sites following an acquisition in time for a $200m global marketing campaign.
  • Delivering the worlds first mobile tracking app. in 2000 later supporting over 21 languages and porting to iMode in Japan with the only 3G service provider in the world at the time – NTT DoCoMo.

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